Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wow mom that is crazy that you got stuck in Miami! ha that is what you get for going without me ;) it sounds like it was a pretty fun trip though! ha 2013 here I come! ha that is super far away I'll have almost been home for a year by then! I'm super glad that you got to go to Elder Bessey's homecoming!! he was a super good missionary! it's way weird to me that he is home now.. I hope he comes and visits you sometime that would be sweet!! I miss diving that sounds super fun right now! ha just about a year and I'll be able to do it again though! That's really good that Grandpas surgery went well!! So how soon can he do his other knee?? The boat dive sounds like it was super fun! we'll have to do one of those!! I'll write you a letter and send you some pics :) I'll send it by tomorrow!! I will get stuff on Thursday we have zone conference so I should get that package then! I'm excited for it! I still have like all the stuff you sent me before that though! ha I need to start eating it! We have tons of Korean food at our house from the ward  so I just always eat that!!! haha but this week went pretty good!! We have a new investigator! we've talked to her for a while but never actually got to meet with her! we finally did and we met her with our ward missionary leader! it went good!! That is cool that Elder Nelson wrote you! He was fun to serve with! That seems like it was a while ago now! I guess it was in December!! He goes home at the end of April too!! I will have no companions left in the field that are older missionaries than me after he goes home! how weird is that!! he is number 5! time flies! ha this week one of our other investigators took us to dinner at a Pakistan food place!! It was actually pretty good we ate lamb haha it is like the only restaurant like that in Korea! so it was a fun experience! he wants to take us down to this China town place for my birthday so we might do that but I'm not sure yet!! it's been a fun week though! 
so what else is going on at home now? school only has like 2 months left then it is summer time again right? ha that is super weird! Zack is going to have a pretty busy summer probably!! it's still not very warm over here yet!! it's really annoying I'm super sick of the cold!! well, have a good week I love you all!!! 

Love,Elder Frei

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