Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thanks for Bootie’s email it was good! It sounds like he is doing good! and getting a lot of American food from the members haha.. This weekend we got to watch conference! It was so great I learned so much! I love hearing the prophets and apostles speak to us!! One of my favorite talks was by Elder Uchtdorf "Don't wait on the road to Damascus" if you didn't hear it you should listen to it because it was great! and if your Zack you should read the New Testament so you know what the road to Damascus is first and then listen to the talk! I loved it! there were tons of good talks though! a lot about getting married that is for sure! ha that's because it is important! but other than conference this week, we watched that on Saturday and Sunday which is when we are meeting all of our investigators right now cause they are all busy during the week! so that was kind of a bummer but we met with a member last night and it was super fun he is one of my favorite members we taught each other slang it was funny! but on Monday we went and played soccer in Seoul and it was super fun, I was a little rusty though because I hadn't played since I left Gimpo! we were going to play again today but we can't find a field to play on so we have to do something else! Tuesday was my birthday! so our bishop took us out to a meat buffet! it was way good and way fun!! haha I love my bishop I have the best ward ever!! Really good and memorable birthday that is for sure!! then on Tuesday I went on splits with one of my zone leaders, Elder Bailey I think I have told you about him before, he was in my district when I was a greenie and in my 2nd area too so we have always served around each other except for like 3 months!! I love him we will be friends for life for sure! but we had a good split! ha we went to this really cheap food place and it ended up being super good it was sketchy though haha! but then at conference we made a bet with each other for whoever gets married first haha he will have like a 6 months start on me though so he has an advantage!! but that was about all I did this week!! I hope everyone had a good week!! Mom I miss getting letters of what is going on back at home!! I wouldn't mind one of those!! Thanks for everything and for your support I love you all so much!! 

Elder Frei

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