Friday, April 22, 2011

Ok I'm going to write you now! This week... Nothing super exciting happened to be honest but some good stuff happened! We had a new investigator come to church yesterday so hopefully we can keep meeting him and teach him and everything! Then, I sent a text to someone I thought was a person we were suppose to meet, ( I got the  name mixed up) and he was a less active member.. but he came to church . Ha then we got talking and stuff and he said that his little brother isn't a member and he wants to introduce us to him!! So that will be super sweet!! ha then on Wednesday we were meeting an investigator that is in high school and the member that introduced him to us showed up out of nowhere! ha we made Korean kites with him it was pretty fun! ha the best part is that he isn't even a member of our ward!! we played basketball once and we ended up playing with like 20 kids it was way fun haha  Koreans are good so it's fun to mess with them. I'm definitely not in basketball shape.. super rusty! but anyways.. we were walking home and we found this huge market that we had never walked through yet!!! it is like 5 blocks by 5 blocks of just Korean market it's so cool you can buy stuff for super cheap. like food and stuff! we are definitely coming to this area when you guys come over here I love it here so much!! Transfer calls are next week so I kind of think that Elder Murdock will get transferred and I'll stay maybe it's just cause I don't want to get transferred yet!! on Thursday we had our meeting with our ward mission leader that we do every week, but we had extra time before so we decided to go visit one of our members!! we got there and we talked for a minute then I told her I had a scripture to share with her! I opened up to Mosiah 2 (when you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God) and I asked her what it meant and then we talked about it and i explained it to her! then I said today we came here to serve you!! ha so we cleaned up her house for a while she loved it so much she was super happy with us! yesterday we met with an investigator that we have been meeting for a while but he hasn't really been progressing!! he has refused to pray! he has some weird beliefs so we taught him about some stuff it was in 3 Nephi 12 and 15 and then I started talking about prayer and explained to him if he didn't do he wouldn't get and answer and he could never know and if he wasn't going to we couldn't meet anymore! (he is good at English but when we talk about the gospel it is always in Korean, before the lesson I told Elder Murdock I wanted him to talk about it too after I had! So he said it to him after and it was a lot of what I had just said in Korean! But the spirit came in stronger with both of us testifying and teaching and he finally said ok I will pray!! It was super awesome!! So that was my week of teaching!! Aa to answer your questions you just asked, I'm playing basketball in  Yeong Deong Po it is the biggest church in Asia! and I'm playing with a bunch of Elders that came with me and then Elder Hafen and some others that are going home soon.. oh ya Elder Hafen already has plans to go to St. George when he gets back so he told me I could send whatever I want home with him and he will deliver it to you!! ha I do missionary work all day mom! We talked to 145 people this past week on the street! haha I can't believe that Mothers day is so soon.. That is so crazy! It has gone by so fast!! I love you all! and hope you have a great week! I have missed everyones birthday in the family once!!

Love, Elder Frei
 -everyones favorite HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACK..

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