Thursday, August 5, 2010

Only one more P*day

Hello everyone!! This past week has been pretty much average except for a couple of things! Hosting was pretty awesome!!! We get to do it again tomorrow also, it was kinda sad though because it reminded me of when I left! But it was a good experience! I didn't host anyone I knew but I ran in to a bunch of people! one night after dinner I ran into Justin Ence!!! His visa got delayed so he came here!! I got a pic with him so I'll have to send it home!!! also, I got a picture with Haden Hawks cause he leaves this week!! oh and Jake Cannon  lives on the same floor as me! I see him all the time!! I'm excited to get that phone so I can talk to you! it's going to be so awesome!! I thought of  a few more things I could use.. in my bathroom in like the 2nd draw on the left side there should be some cartridge cleaner refills for my shaver cleaner, if you can't find them it's fine. one other thing that would be sweet is some pictures of my pots that I made! Just to I can show people! Chase has taken ceramics in college and high school and is very good! Koreans are very good a ceramics also. I've been working really hard, I'm so excited to get out of here! I only have 1 p day left here after today! wow I'm so excited haha! how was the past week back at home? i can't believe that Mitch gets married this weekend and that it is almost Hayleys birthday!! Her letter got sent back to me so I have 3 for her now! I'm sending them to the house so just give them to her! I'm excited to get some kimchi though! I've had it a few times while I've been here and it seems to get better and better every time! oh I forgot to tell you! I saw this kid that went to dixie that just graduated, he does service with me twice a week! I can't remember his name, Zack would know it he played basketball he's going to South America somewhere! It's good to get to see people that you know! it makes it seem more like home! ha but my district and my zone definately seems like my family and my brothers! I love them. we've all grown so close to each other over the past 2 months/ 9 weeks! I've learned so much from them, it's crazy though because it feels like I've always know some of them!!! and i know were going to be friends when we get back! when i pray and throughout the day I can feel every ones prays for me because I always feel comforted and so spiritually strengthened in such a short time! I've realized that I've already changed quite a bit! it's crazy! Ha and I forgot to tell Mitch when I wrote him back but  I’ve definitely lost some muscle! not a ton though! that's about all for this week! i love you all! have everyone write me!   DAD, thanks for the letter! i can't believe it flooded a little that's crazy! When is the Henries hunt? I can't wait to see what you get! that will be awesome! i can't believe that it's already time for that hunt! You'll have to tell the Ences that i ran into Justin a few times! he left for brazil today! but it was pretty sweet! I love you!  

Love, Elder Frei

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