Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living in So Deh Moon!

Mother! and family! :)

My p days are on Mondays, however it got switched to Tuesday just this week because like 5 zones went to the temple today. It was way cool! So where to begin, Korea is SO awesome. I have so much to tell you now it's crazy!! The plane ride was super long, but we made it haha we flew over Japan I got to see it cause Korean air has cameras and each person has an individual tv that you can watch them on it was sweet!!! When we got to the airport we met our mission presidents and then we took a bus for like 2 hours, after that we walked to the mission home, on the way there I watched a drunk guy get thrown out of a taxi and smashed into the concrete! It was crazy I thought he was dead for sure! haha anyways we got to the mission home and spent the night and then the next morning we had a training meeting then we met our new companions!!!!!!! My trainer is Elder Christensen! he is super awesome I love him! he's just like me we get along super good! he is in his last transfer though so he goes home in October! he is fluent in Korean though so it's pretty sweet to see how I will be able to communicate within like a year!! so after that we went to our apartment! it's pretty sweet. It's like 20 yards away form the church ha it's way awesome! My area is called so deh moon which means big west gate! It's really awesome but it's a huge area! We have over 1 million people just in our area! Crazy! Korean is so hard to understand, it's going to be a while before I can understand people but that’s ok! I’ve already gotten a lot better just in the past week. I learned so much it's insane!! ha the food here is pretty crazy. It's really weird but I'm getting use to it! ha I eat kimchi all the time and squid and I ate tons of raw fish today! so I'm adjusting pretty good because I hated fish before I got here, especially sushi! ha one thing that I don't really like yet is this soup that is just sea weeds haha. every time I taste it I feel like I jumped into the ocean and accidently swallowed water! but, add sea weed to that! but I'll probably end of liking it! ha that's all of that stuff now I'll tell you about missionary work!!!
First of all, I have seen so many miracles since I've been here. it has been so humbling. my trainer is awesome. We work super hard and do everything just like we should. I love it! Most companionships have maybe 1 or 2 investigators, we have 17! It's so crazy. Just in the past 4 days we've gotten 6 new investigators!! They are all really interested in the church! We have talked about baptism with three of them and they all said that they wanted to!! and another one told us he knows that the Book of Mormon is the word of God! Also, we have given away 10 Book of Mormons just since I've been here! Which is SO many!
A few days ago we were out "street boarding" we have these posters and we just try to talk to people and get them to come talk to us. and we'd been there for about an hour and a half. Which was how long we had planned to do it for we were just about to be done but then we were both just like let's do one more! So I said hello to him and asked him if he wanted to here what we were talking about! He said yes, which was surprising because it was like my 2nd or 3rd day and I could barely even say that in Korean, then Elder Christensen taught him and he  said " I want one of that book" so of course we gave him one and then he asked if we could teach him more right then. So we talked about our life’s purpose and a few other things. After we were done we gave him our number, he got ours from us, and then he was like what if this doesn't work? I need your email! So he gave him his email as well! It was crazy! ha and it all happened just because we decided to do one more contact! I have had many other similar things happen but I’m not going to share them all! ha I don't have enough time! but, I will tell you the craziest thing that happened the whole week! We were teaching one of our investigators that said he wants to get baptized and we were almost done and we had given him an awesome lesson. He asked Elder Christensen a questions about baptism and following Christ and out of nowhere in my head the words "straight and narrow" came to me. It kept repeating so I thought I think I need to find this scripture and share it with him, as I thought that I flipped open my Book of Mormon and to my surprise, I turned exactly to the page that the scripture was on!!! and I wasn't even sure where it was at!!!! I was like ok I definitely have to share this now! so, I said I have a scripture I would like to share! I said where it was and then I reached across the table and grabbed the top of his Book of Mormon and flipped it open! It landed exactly on the verse that I was going to share. At this point I was kind of just in shock!!! It was the craziest thing ever!! I shared the scripture with him, and it answered his question perfectly!!! It was so amazing!! I've definitly been humbled, with all of the many miracles and people the lord is intrusting me with and also with learning Korean. It is extremely challenging but I know that I will learn it with time!!! I had an awesome week! ha it felt like 1 day of the mtc so that's pretty awesome!! Korea is awesome! I love it so much! Everything is going really good! I love you all!
Elder Frei
I'm going to try to send some pictures I'll see if it will work

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