Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Week In The MTC !!!!!

August 10, 2010

MOM and family!
These past few days have honestly been the best of my entire mission thus far! I gave the best lesson ever on Saturday and just understood everything the sister was saying to me it was insane!!! I talked like the whole time. I'm so excited to leave I can't even begin to tell you!!! It's going to be so awesome! but I know it's going to be super hard and I wont understand anything but I feel prepared to do anything! so ya I got my travel plans :) :) :) best day ever!!!!!!!!
Here is what's going down! I leave the mtc Monday morning at like 600 I think, we fly out at 830 from SLC, so I'll probably call you from there for a little bit, how many minutes did you put on the phone??? Oh and I can only call immediate family.  So we get to L.A. at 9:30  and have a 3 hour layover, that's when I'll be able to call so make sure everyone is around!!!! After that we fly out at 1230 I think it's a 16 hour plane ride or 14 depending on the wind, and we are scheduled to arrive in Korea Tuesday night at 5:30. crazy right???? I'm so excited! I can't even remember what it is like to not be at the mtc, I feel like I have always lived here! It's going to be horrible to leave all of my new close friends that aren't going to Seoul! like elder Farrell and some of the younger district I like a ton!!! but were finally doing what we have been called to do so I'm super, super, super, excited!!!!!!! Mom, I can't find my patriarchal blessing so if there is one thing I need in a package it's that!!!! oh and I could use some return labels for my mission address if that's not to big of a problem?? I can't believe school is starting already! hopefully the pud master likes his new school, that's pretty cool! I'm going to be sending a package home of stuff I don't need, and also I heard that your not allowed to wear boots in Seoul so those ones we bought would be worthless! if I send them home trade them for those ones at Adrians that just stretch over your shoes so I can keep them dry!!! actually I think I will send them home so try to get those for me! I'm going up to the temple today around 3! So feel free to pass that message along to ANYONE that would like to know (cough, cough) Ha I loved that picture with the C full!!! that is insane! I think you were behind quite a ways when I got it too!!!!  I got a package from grandma Frei and Winn with cookies and popcorn balls they were delicious! I have so much extra food though!! oh ya tell Hurst to write me back!!! I'm way mad at him! I'm so excited to get to Korea! I hope I get an awesome trainer that isn't lazy :) just sayin! pray for me cause I started about a month ago (for my senior comp) other than what I said I don't really need anything else in packages that I can think of just be creative I guess if you really want to send me one!! I promise I don't need it though :) the next email I send I will be in Korea!! that is insane!!!!!!! well, that's all of I've got for you! seems pretty detailed! mom, I expect detailed dear elders back just so you know!!! I love you all! can't wait to talk to you !!! 6 days!!! I hope dad can be around when I call? or maybe I could call him at the office? When does his hunt start???? Love, Elder Frei

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