Monday, August 30, 2010

You ate what?


P day is Monday haha, but we ran into some problems emailing yesterday! a couple took me and elder Christinsen up to Seoul Tower! you can see the entire city! it is way way way bigger than I ever had imagined!!!! wow. but after that we came back and it was around 5 so we came to a place to email and it was closed on Mondays! so we had to go to another spot and it turns out that they closed at 6! which is right when we got there!!! so we had to come Tuesday so I don't have too much time! This past week was awesome though! I still can't really understand anyone but I do learn a lot every week! I pick up a bunch of words every day then I can hear them when people use them in conversations and stuff! This past week we had a lot going on! We found 6 new investigators! and we were super super busy teaching and everything! On Wednesday we had zone conference! it was pretty sweet! I got to meet a bunch of the elders and stuff, All of the new missionaries had to bear their testimony, I did mine in Korean and I said some pretty cool stuff! I talked about miracles and how they are a gift from God! Everyone was pretty impressed that I could do it so that was way good! ha oh it has rained here like every single day for over a week now! I guess a typhoon hit the coast or something so we got all of the rain from it! It was raining harder than I had ever seen it rain before! We had a waterfall coming off of our roof! The worst part was we were outside when it was going on so we got totally drenched! (even with umbrellas) it was insane! I'm going to send some pictures with this email! I've already taken so many haha there is so much sweet stuff! Yesterday during p day I found some nikes for like 3 bucks but they didn't have my size! ha and I found socks that had a nike swoosh on them but the logo said "nice" haha everyone uses English but they are all horrible at it! It's so funny! Oh ya when you send me packages I need a few things in each of them, Toothpaste, those little bleach pens tide to go or whatever, Face cleaner, And deodorant! I brush my teeth like three times a day. I found out why all the Koreans are always doing it. It's because the food smells terrible! haha but it's way good! I’'m still getting use to all of it though that's for sure! ha this past week I ate pig intestines!!!! it was a little bit weird but I ate all of them haha I'm way use to kimchi now though haha I never thought I would be! oh and on Sunday we went to that same couples that took us to the tower and they fed us this like baby chicken (all of it but the head) in a bowl of soup with tons of other stuff in it! It was ok, haha it's suppose to give you stamina to make it through the summer! They told us that Koreans eat it three times a year during the summer! Well that's all I have for this week! If you want to know about anything let me know and I’ll tell you! Oh I still haven't got that letter yet I think it takes 13 days from US to Korea and 9 from Korea to US. I’'ll tell you when I do, but your suppose to just send stuff to the mission house and then they give it to me. I don't know why but o well! I love you! Have a good week! I can't wait to get those football clippings and stuff! Go Mad Had! your the man. How is Zack doing in football now?

Love, Elder Frei

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