Sunday, July 11, 2010

MTC Update from Elder Frei

how was the fourth?? the tie that i got is so funny looking. it's black and has all these colorful peace signs on it! it's funny! saying good bye to them was pretty hard!! especially Elder Bishoff, cause i liked him the best he was like a brother to me! and he is one of the four elders not going to Seoul so i know i wont see him until we get home!! less than six weeks left in the mtc! so happy about it. i emailed you what i wanted in the newsletter! did you not get it?? oh and did you look for any of those slip on shoes?? i found out a few days ago that we get to take a carry on and a backpack on board so i shouldn't have to send so much stuff home! it still seems like i'll never leave the mtc but it's kinda not that far away! the next district comes in a week from tomorrow. so we are officially the older district. this week is tough because we can only speak Korean during classes and all of the teachers speak only Korean.. if's really frustrating and discouraging but it's slowly getting better. on Saturday we teach our first lesson in all Korean. (they have been in English so far) but i think that it will be fine! i memorized the first vision in Korean! it's pretty crazy that i did! Gift of tongues!! i got the 4th package on the 3rd i think!!!! it was an awesome package!!!! thank you so much :) :) i loved it! i we started having jung parties (jung is a korean concept that is how you know when your close to someone. it's hard to explain) every night so i take my huge box of food in there and everyone eats it and we tell stories!! it's awesome!! I've gotten to know some elders in the other district very well the last few nights!! Hayley will like this.. one of them (Elder Farell) has a picture of him with serena and dan from gossip girl!! i guess his family knows them way good because they live in new york! ha he said they spend Christmas in midway and they are always there! he invited me to go with him when we get back!!! hahaha
So when are the weddings?? send me there wedding invitations! i want to see them for sure!! I'm excited for both of them that is awesome! oh and thanks for getting that ring to me!! it's awesome to have!!

Ha about the Korean natives, they were playing with one of the elders from the older districts belly. it was so funny! but before they left we were all talking one night and i said Elder Lee Flex for us!! and when i said that i flexed for him and he went crazy when he saw my arm! he felt it for like five minutes!!! (like i said they are super super touchy) he couldn't get over it!

Dad, that sucks that your deer got shot!! I’m sure that there are plenty more up there though!!! when does the hunt start? it's not too far away!! so you fixed up the yo?? does it still squeak?? it was pretty bad! Zack is probably ripping it up!!  that's funny about prime and pud master!! maybe they'll be able to shoot like me when i get home! (probably not)

Pud! thanks for the letter and the drawing! i loved it! keep writing me!! how is your summer??
 oh and mom, tell lib when he turns is his papers i'll send him some shoes and jerseys!!!

one thing that i finally realized this past few weeks is why i was injured twice while i got my call. and they were both the two worst injuries of my life! i realized that is was so that i would be able to humble myself and understand how much i need heavenly fathers help! when i first got here i was thinking i can do this! it can't be that hard, i thought i could do it all by myself. that lasted about two days. my prayers have been answered in so many ways in the short time that i have been here. it is so crazy! every time I need something to help me out or anything else it always seems to happen and i'm always just like wow. did that really just happen?? it's crazy! i know that i must be so humble in order to learn this language and to excel in Korea!! because it is so hard to learn this language and they are the most humble people ever!! i can't wait to get over there!!!

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