Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week 4 MTC :D

hi! i love gabe {Gabe is our dog}! i miss him so much!! you better train him right so when i get back he's awesome! haha i got the package you sent it was my favorite!! and i share everything i get! im losing weight because i'm losing some of my muscle.... there aren't heavey weights here so hopefull i don't get to small! the older district leaves on monday! it's sad! i don't want them to leave.. but i was looking at there flight plans and they have a two hour lay over in la so i'll get to call you then! six weeks from monday i'm out of here! crazy!! The new mission presidents were here this week as you know, it was so awesome!! on friday Elder Oaks talked to us at a special fireside!! and there were 7 other apostles on the stand with him!! it was the coolest thing every i enjoyed every second of it!! also i saw mr jensen (the girls basketball coach from sc) parents and they asked me where i was from cause of my name then they told me all of that and stuff!! a couple more people came in last wednesday that i knew so that was pretty cool! i get to host my last two wednesdays here{"Host" is the missionaries that pick up the new incoming Missionaries on the curb}! i'm pretty excited for that!! it looks way fun! oh and when we cleaned the temple we were ripping up carpet cause the are renovating the whole thing!! it was for almost four hours! it was pretty fun though! Answers to your other questions are elders flake and mccorsitin leave a week before us because the transfers are a little different so they got lucky!! and i'll send another email for that newsletter thing! when it comes out email it to me and i'll print it off so i can read it! this week was great it went by so fast! I learn so much every week it's amazing! i have a huge chain of vocab words that i'm memorizing, i'll have to send a picture of it home it's pretty cool! we taught the 2nd lesson this week at the trc! it went so good we tore it up! i'm in helaman now in the book of moromon i love it! and i'm almost done with the pearl of great price cause i never read all the way through it before!! ha so the 2 native korean elders are so funny! i've gotten to know them a lot more this past week! they love me! they say that we have jung now! haha :) i taught them some slang it was so funny!! they are ok at englsih but koreans can't pronounce some of our letters! it's so funny! since everyone in korea is skinny they are fascinated with fat peoples belly's! they call it jelly and they'll just start grabbing it and squeezing it like it's no problem!! it was the funniest thing i've ever seen!! can't wait to hear back from everyone! i love you all!   Elder Frei

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