Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another update

Mom, I tried to get on right at 12. I was in my p-day clothes so I could only go to the laundry room to email. (everywhere else you have to be in missionary attire) almost all of the computers are down in the entire mtc!!!!! I was so mad!! but I'll get on at 12 next week for sure!!! how was your week?? what's going on back at home?? my week was awesome!! it was by far the best week so far in the mtc!!! Sunday i gave a talk in Korean in sacrament meeting!! the branch presidents wife (who is Korean) told me that she understood every word that i said to her!! it was awesome cause i thought i was butchering most of what i was saying!! This week was a very good week. i realized why i would come to miss the mtc! it's because here you have a lot of people that you become so close to, in the field it's just you and your companion!! but that's ok!! Me and Elder Babcock decided that were going to room together when we get back from Korea!! he's awesome! I'm not sure if I told you about him yet! that's about all that happened this week really.. except on Saturday we taught the first lesson in Korean!!! it went pretty good!!  Love, Elder Frei

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