Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another letter From Elder Frei :)

Hello family!! This week has been awesome! The new missionaries came in on Wednesday (to our zone) and they are awesome! I really like a lot of them!! wow. less than four weeks left now!! crazy crazy! I can't wait to get out of the mtc, I love it here but it is so repetitive and I hate the food!! it gets old!! Blairs wedding is on the 22 right?? I need an invite!! Why haven't I got one yet?? When you come up I have a few things I need that you could drop off for me! (at the byu place) I decided I want my electric razor, sometimes I'm in a hurry and don't have time to shave so please bring that, also my yoyo broke!!!! it's fun to play with at nights, if you can get me another one I would like that!! this week has been pretty normal, it flew by though!! were learning the 2nd lesson in korean now, it's pretty tough but it gets easier every day! after tomorrow I only have one Wednesday left until iI get to usher!! I'm excited for that!! it should be fun!! what's going on at home?? school is starting up in a few weeks right?? like three?? how is Zack doing in football?? when is his first game?? is he starting??

oh ya my ankle is slowly getting better and better. maybe it will be normal by the time I leave. I can run now and stuff with my brace on but it's still just weak. it's really nice to be able to run though!!!! I took a funny picture of Sunday with two of my favorite elders, elder Farrell and Hatch. Hatch just got here, they are both Jewish and they call me German so I'm in the middle of them it was funny. I love them.
I was suppose to tell you more about elder Babcock i think, he is awesome. were a lot alike. We get a long very well were like brothers I guess!! but anyways I have a pretty good story to tell I guess, we all sit around the jung box at night and tell stories and it is really awesome I started the tradition like a month ago. We included some of the new Elders and I guess it made one of  them decide not to go home, just because I invited him and included him with us! Now he loves us all. It was way awesome

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