Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MTC Update from Elder Frei!

{For a little background, Chase hurt his ankle and both his wrists between the time he got his call and left to the MTC}

hello everyone!!! i have a lot to tell you this week so i'm sure you'll be happy mom :) first of all i would like to say happy fathers day to dad and tell him how much i apprecitate all the sacrifices and time and effort he has put forth for me to be able to have this opportunity. that story you told me about is crazy! i can't beleive you and pud master went and hauled that thing out! i can't wait to see pictures of it. that's sweet! ha i'm sure the hay hauling isn't quite as good as when i'm there but someone is going to have to step up i guess!!! i love you dad! thanks for everything :) .... i learned so much this week! it's so crazy! i memorized joseph smiths first vision! (all of it in english and almost half of it in korean!) it's awesome! i can read so much better now! everything gets better everyday! earlier this week we taught a lesson to one of the teachers at the mtc.. they pretend to be investigators it's pretty funny! anways we gave him an awesome lesson and he asked me some hard questions and i totally dominated them.. like how could god appear to joseph smith and some other stuff like that it was funy! then at the end we taugth him about prayer and i went to say the closing prayer! when i bowed my head to start to pray i realized that he was just sitting there! we forgot to tell him to fold his arms and bow his head!!!!! i couldn't stop because i had already said a couple of words when i realized it! it was so funny afterwards!! the older distric that came in six weeks before us leaves in about 12 days!! i don't want them to leave! i like them way better than mine haha! but i'm sure i'll be friends with them when we get back and some of them are going to seoul! my hands are pretty much back to normal now, which is awesome!! and i'm trying really hard to get my ankle better.... i do drills every morning and night and try not to run at all! ha so my district did a musical number in sacrament on sunday! we sand nearer my god to thee in korean!! it was awesome! we sound way good! Elder Johnson has a way good voice! I call him Elder Fergie becuase he sings so good! everyone else calls him that now too! haha i make up nicknames for a lot of them! all of the new mission presidents are coming in today and tommorrow!! which means that the apostles will be here all week to teach them and stuff!! and they eat in the cafeteria with us so i'm pretty pumped for that!!!! and also, the temple closed on saturday but my district got asked to help clean it!! so were going up there at about 12!! it should be pretty fun! ha since my ankle is still hurt i stopped playing as much basketball and i just play volleyball instead! me and elder bishoff always team up and kill everyone! it's funny! i love it.. there aren't very many ahtletic people here! oh ya and the older distirc has determined that i am there favorite so when they leave i get the district tie!! haha it's supposed to be pretty sweet and your only allowed to wear it once! and thanks for the package!! that one is the best! it has so much good food in it! so while i was wiating for my laundry to get done, this sister came up to me and asked me if was related to mitch! i said yes.. she said oh! i'm Cardin's cousin!! ha it was crazy because there are like 2,000 people here so the odds of that aren't very good! she had just got here on wednesday and she said cardin told her to look for me! ha so you'll have to tell them that! and tell mitch i love his tie! i get a lot of compliments when i wear it! tell him he has some ties coming his way when i get to korea! well that's about all for this week! the gospel true! the mtc is sweet! i'm almost done with alma! the gift of tounges is real! and teaching with the spirit is one of the best feelings ever!!! i love you all!!! have everyone write me! Love, Chase

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