Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elder Frei's second week in the MTC

family! what a great week this has been! thank you for the packages and letters and pens! it is so nice to have tons of support!!! if your sending me a package i could use another pair of my jordan shorts.. any of them work and some pictures would be sweet.. just like of the bear hunt and anything else!!!
this week i learned so much! i restarted the book of mormon when i got here and i'm halfway through mosiah. i can't put it down! Kyler and trevor leave today! i was sad to see them go but it's sweet at the same time! i would see kyler everynight though! this week i learned how to say this is korean "we have a message about jesus christs gospel, god is our heavenly father, the gospel has been restored, a prophet exsits, and jesus christ lives. i can also introduce myself and ask simple questions like "how does your family become? or name or hometown or things like that! it sounds weird to translate to english! we get so many opportuities to teach here, i'm getting really good at the lessons! that's awesome that Dan Frei got called as the stake pres! sweet! ha and that made me laugh what haden said about me being gone!! the temple closes next week so today was our last time going for over a month! it's ok though!
Elder Bodily is from boise idaho, i've gotten to know him very well. the other two Elders in my room are Elder Flake and Elder Mccoristin. they are both serving in california korean speaking!! elder flake is from horse shoe bend idaho and elder mccoristin is from eagle mountain utah! i love them!
I've gotten to know Elder Stephenson way good, he went to pv and played against me.. he was the kicker! he's so good!! and his companion is Elder Bishoff from richfield!!! i love him too! he's way nice and he gave me a huge ring of notecards with vocabulalry words on it that is so good!!
i don't know how but i've lost like 5 pounds since i've been here! it's pretty weird cause i don't eat very good!! the bookstore here is way awesome and missionaries get 40 percent off so i can get alot of stuff i need there! i hope you all have a great week!! i can't wait to hear from everyone! i love you all!! and i'm so greatfull for this opportunity! thank you Mom and Dad! i love you both so much!
Elder Frei

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