Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our first letter from Elder Frei

family! i can't remember our home email address so i decided to write to zack because i only get thirty minutes. the mtc is awesome! the first two days were the hardest days of my life and i honestly just wanted to go homel. but it is getting so much better now! my companion is elder bodily and he is awesome!! he's like six six and weighs like two seventy five. thanks so much for all the packages and letters you guys sent me!! it makes every day so much better when i get a letter or package! i love it. keep dear eldering me because it makes it so much easier to use all my time when i get on the computer!! i love you guys and i miss you all so much!! the first two days seemed like they were two months but every since then it has gotten better every single day! the spirit is so strong here! its unbelievable! i have never prayed so much in my life! but god truly does here all of our prayers and answers them.
a typical day for me goes like this: i get up around 6:15 so that i can shower and do everything else that i need to do, then and 7 we go to our classroom and do personal study for an hour then go to breakfast. after that we usually have a three hour class until lunch! then we go to lunch and come back to another class until dinnner! finally after that we have MDT or missionary directed time when we do compainion studay and language study! we have gym five times a week and there are also other meetings to break things up. sunday was an awesome day! we had a really good fireside about music it was great! but they are also way relaxed because we don't ahve teachers on sundays!! i loved it! today is my p-day and i'm only aloud to email and write letters today! that is why gettting dear elders throughout the week is so much better so i can use all the time i have writing!
one of the hardest things for me this past week was to realize how humble you must be. so that is the christ like attribute i strived to attain. you must be humble if you want to learn anything while you are at the mtc because everyting we learn here comes thorugh him! i have honestly learned so much already! i love it! the first two days i felt like my head was going to explode but now it's getting way better! i can pray and bear my testiomony in korean already! this is how i know that the gift of tounges is real!! last night me and elder bodily were doing language study and i made about 40 flash cards with words and phrases on them and out of nowhere i knew everysingle one of them!! then, right after that i was able to give my testiomony in korean which is pretty hard and then i said the prayer and i could do it all!!! i couldn't believe it. we both felt the spirit so strongly. it was one of the best experiences i have ever had!! zack, keep workin hard! i love all of you! you never realize how greatfull you are for such an awesome family like ours until you leave it and realize your not coming back to it!
mom, i saw Ian on the very first day and gave him a huge hug and said this is from your mom!!! i've only seen him a couple other times beside that though. kyler is in my building with me and on the same floor!!!!! it's so sweet! i see both of them everyday! clint grecko is also on my same floor so i talk to him all the time too!! Elder Bishoff from monroe is here and in my zone!! he's way cool and is always helping me with the language cause he's been here for six weeks!
Elder Frei
p.s. i'm going to write home and send you some picutres because i don't have time to hook up my camera!

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