Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Day In Song Pa

With this transfer Chase's email time has been shortened. They are an hour away from everywhere they have to meet so he has less time to write. I took this from a recording he sent today. 

It is sunday february 5th. Yes, it is the day of the super bowl in America. This week has been a really good week. We had zone leader council. President Lee had some good words to say like always. Me and Elder Poulson are doing really good. We get a long great. We also have some really awesome investigators. The investigator that we are teaching is really prepared. We taught him a couple times this week. We taught him some commandments and the word of wisdom. He totally just accepted it and he said the most sincere prayer. Another investigator, his name is Jooh Wan he is a little older. He went to the second most famous universities in Korea. People in America don't know these universities, but in Korea if you went to this one you are awesome. Because all the Koreans care about is school and studying and stuff. On wednesday we had combined district meeting down in Beoun Dong. It is like an hour away from here. Afterwards we all street boarded together and talked to a bunch of people. It was probably the coldest day of the year that day. I thought that my face was going to freeze off. Yeah, and I didn't think that I was going to be ok. Haha but I am ok. Then I went on splits with Elder Bird. He started his mission the same time as me. We have never served near each other so that was cool. We had a really good split. On thursday we switched back. Today is sunday and Jung Yon Goon the investigator that we taught in Yeong Dong Po got baptized today. So I got permission to go and Me and Elder Messick went on splits during church and went over to Yeong Dong Po and got to see the baptism. It was so awesome. It was a great baptismal service and I was so happy to see him get baptized. He learned so much, he had no gospel knowledge at all. He had never studied any religion when we first taught him. He has learned so much since we first taught him and he has come so far. It is so cool to see that in people's lives. It was awesome to be back in Yeong Dong Po. It was like going home. Everyone was like, "ahhh Elder Frei you came back to Yeong Dong Po today".  It was good to see and talk to everyone. I miss them all so much. You guys are going to  definitely have to meet a lot of people from Yeong Dong Po when you come here, it is good that we are staying in that area. I am really looking forward to that. The ward mission leader in the Yeong Dong Po ward asked me to bear my testimony just out of nowhere. He just called on me. He said since Elder Frei came let's have him bear his testimony. So I just went up there and bore my testimony and talked for a little bit. That was really unexpected. We have seen a lot of miracles happening lately. I am so happy to be here in Song Pa. This next week a member of the seventies is coming to do a mission tour so we have a special meeting. I'm really looking forward to that. Tomorrow we are going down to play basketball in Su Gee. That will be fun for sure. Other missionaries from the Tae Jon mission can actually come there because it is in their area. There is a ward in the Tae Jon mission that actually borders our mission. So I might get to see some of the missionaries that I know from the other mission that I was in the MTC with and we travelled here together. So that will be really cool. Elder Bishoff serves in the Tae Jon mission. You should get in touch with his mom. He is from Monroe. They are coming the same time to pick him up that you are coming. So that would be really cool if we could get together, I am sure that they will want to come and see Seoul.  You should try to get in touch with them. Also Elder Shino's parents are coming. That is about all I have for this week. Sorry I didn't get to much on here. I'll try to get more recordings next week. I hope you all had a good week. The gospel is still true here in Song Pa, Korea in the Seoul mission. Oh and I am pretty sure that I gained more weight this week. So I weighed 185 last week so maybe this week I can be 187. Ha that is pretty big. I have been eating tons of food. I love you all and I hope that you have a good week. And I hope that everything is going good at home. I don't even remember who is playing in the super bowl, but I am glad that it is the last one that I will ever have to miss. 

Love you all,

Elder Frei

An investigator we taught for 3 months in my last area got baptized yesterday!!! it was awesome:)

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