Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hey everyone! it's been an awesome week here in Korea! The holiday was really fun but it's good to get back to normal work again!! This week was a week full of miracles and unexpected things as far as it goes with our investigators!! last week we had an investigator that came to church and liked it, we taught him afterwards with our bishop and it was a pretty good lesson! we met him again this past week and taught him about the plan of salvation and baptism! the lesson went SO good. We were talking about baptism and I asked him what he thought baptsim, he said he didn't think it was bad and it was something he wanted to do! so I asked him if he would be baptized in february and he said yes, I was planning on doing that! haha Then after that he said "how can I prepare to be baptized?" haha he is so prepared! Then, we found a new guy and got him coming to english class. on wednesday after english class he came up to me and was like "hey can I learn about your church? I want to know more about it, but I'm not very good at english so I need to hear about it in korean!" haha we both couldn't believe that he said that. A lot of the people that meet us love english so much and want to speak english the whole time we meet (and it is so hard for us cause koreans have the hardest time learning english! our languages are just too different they cant do it! ha anyways we got to meet him on saturday and teach him and he wants to learn about our church really bad and just wants to follow Christ! he is really prepared. Ha we have found a bunch of people this week from street boarding too! we are really excited this area is doing soooo good :) we are also going to meet someone that lived in America for a while and went to our church while they lived there so that sould be really good! Sorry that's all I have time for we have been super busy lately! sometimes I feel like I don't have anytime to even think! it's good though it keeps me focused on the Lords work. I love the gospel and the happiness it brings to everyone that chooses to follow it! :) I love you all have a great week!! 

Elder Frei

Chase & VanHoff

The Hike.

Elder Messick, Elder Mersman, and Chase

Sister missionary serving in Chase's area that is waiting for her visa to America.

View of Song Pa.

Street boarding. The weather is so cold.

View from the hike.

Investigator that Chase and Elder Reyes taught in Yeong Dong Po. He has set a baptism date.

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