Sunday, February 12, 2012

Package From Korea

Last night one of Chase's closest friends came over and we all talked for about two hours. We were laughing about the crazy times they had in high school. As he was walking to the door to leave he said, "Oh I miss Chase, I'm excited for him to get home". He opened the front door and this was sitting there. He said, "Whoa speak of the devil".

Chase sends his packages the cheap way. That means that they take about six weeks to get here and they come by ship. By the time they get here they look like someone used the package for a seat on the boat. The one last night looked horrible. I couldn't believe that all the contents made it here safe. After I opened it I found out why it looked so bad.

HaHa. Two air soft guns for Haden! I'm sure that customs thought they were real!

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