Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baptism In Song Pa

Voice Recordings From Chase
February 2012

My emails from Chase have been pretty short and sweet. I am so happy that he has the voice recorder. I would not be hearing much from him lately. Here are a few of his recordings.

Hey everyone! It is Sunday morning right now. Yesterday we had a really good day. We taught a lot of lessons. Our investigator Nam Gon Sun had his baptismal interview. He is getting baptized today. We are really excited for that. We taught one of our other investigators the second half of the plan of salvation and he loved it. He was just like wow!  this makes so much sense. I have wondered my whole life what was going to happen after I die. We picked up a new investigator. His name is Hee Yung Jun. We are meeting with him twice a week. We taught english class and this older lady came. She was asking us what she could do for us because we do the class for free. She said that she wanted to help us out. We told her that we were fine and she insisted on helping us out. So I just said, "KIMCHEE!". Just being funny. We had a ward party at six and she came and she had a whole bag of kimchee. The party was a farewell party for two families in the ward that are moving. One of the guys moving is Matt Wagner. He is moving back to America. He was the only (I have no idea what Chase just said I think he might have said American in Korean?) in the ward so that will be sad. He is really awesome. Then the lady that brought us kimchee asked us if she should go buy him a Korean flag so that he will remember Korea. So she left and went and bought him a Korean flag and brought it back and gave it to him. 

We just got to the church to clean out the baptismal font. The rest of the recording is in Korean. I wish I could translate. :) I think he forgot he was talking to his family. 

It is monday morning and we are walking to email. An old lady just about got hit by a truck. She is standing right next to me and can't understand a word I am saying. So yesterday was way awesome. Our investigator Nam Gon Sun got baptized. The baptismal service was great. Our ward mission leader just got changed and he did an awesome job planning it. Nam Gon Sun was pretty scared and the water was like pretty dang cold. When we got in the water he was shaking. But we got it done it one try. When we got done he was like that was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Last night our ward mission leader invited us over to his house. They fed us and we just talked and stuff. It was really good, I love their family so much. They are super cool. Brother Wagner taught us a great lesson yesterday about the Isaiah chapters and the Book of Mormon. We all loved the lesson. We are walking to the church right now because we have some packages to deliver to other missionaries.  We pick up everyones mail and deliver them as we meet with all of the companionships and go to all of the other meetings. I am going to be really bad when I get home because I know that when I am talking in english people around me can't understand me and so I just say whatever I want. We are in the elevator now, I think I have rode more elevators in Korea than I ever will the rest of my life. Anyways, I hope that you all had a great week. I hope that I got some good emails from you guys. I am sure that mom know this but I don't have that many more email sessions left. It is getting close. Love you all!!!

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