Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook message from Min-Jung Lee.

o Hello, I,m Min-Jung. Your son is our missionary. He gave to me your facebook address.^^ Elder Frei is very kind and beautiful missionary. I want to share one story. We went to visit old lady house. She got to break her knee so she can't come to the church. Also Her husband die February. She was very sad . Elder Frei and Van Hoff bless to her .Elder Frei shared the message with her. we had really glad time. Sorry. I can't explain in English well. But I just want to say .. Your son is wonderful missionary.^^

Hey Mom,

Ha the Rosetta Stone Spanish made me think of something that happened to us this week! Ha we found a new investigator and he wants us to teach him English! Well he doesn't really know anything at all so we started with the alphabet. They all learn English in school but he didn't really remember anything.. ha the sounds F,V, and Z are not in the Korean language at all! So trying to teach them to Koreans is funny.  He wants to learn English because his daughters both study it and they ask him questions all the time and of course he can't answer them! haha so that was pretty funny! He is a way nice person though he will be a good investigator I think!! haha mom check your facebook! Two girls from my ward added you and sent you messages on facebook! They are both super awesome! They both served missions so they are way good at English too!! ha last week at family home evening I told one of them she could stay at our house if she ever came to America, she came to church on Sunday and told me she is going to come next July! I'm sure you will be ok with that! You should get to know them they are both super nice people! haha they are older but both still aren't married though.. that's not weird in Korea though haha.. I told her you would love having her stay at our house for a while. She said I am welcome to stay at her house whenever I come back to Korea too! My ward is awesome I love them all so much!! After church yesterday a few of them came with us and showed us where some members lived so we could visit them in the future and helped us get to know them! It was super, super helpful I was really grateful for them! We went on splits twice this last week, it was really fun! One day Elder Gatlin came to my area. He was in the MTC with me he is one of my best friends in the mission! So that was super fun.. then I went to another area with Elder Decker you don't know him, but he is cool too! haha he can do the rubix cube in like 12 seconds so that was pretty cool to see! We always see the coolest things on splits! We are the ones training other missionaries when we do it but I always feel like I learn the most!! On Thursday we had President interviews! I love president so much. I feel like I've gotten to know him a lot better! I get to see him way more often now it's so awesome! I love being around him! He is always so happy! Ha every time I talk with him I feel like I have a spring in my step afterwards! I'm glad I will have him my whole mission! He will end right when I go home!! I'm sure you are up at the cabin I hope it is fun! Can you believe I will be home for the next 4th of July? crazy.. I will let you know about Mike and Adam when they will get home and stuff they emailed me and told me but I haven't looked yet! I'm really excited for those recipes! Thanks a ton for doing them for me! We’re going to Costco right after this and were going to by a big thing of chicken so that will be awesome!! Things are going great and I'm super happy to be serving where I am!! I've been learning so much!! We found "the history of the church" and the "journal discourses" in our church in the English branch! There is so much stuff in them it is crazy! haha there are like 24 books in one set and 12 in the other I think ha so we read from them every once in a while it's been way fun! On our way to email today we stopped at the bank cause we are going shopping today and we walked out and this guy stopped us and started asking us all these questions about BYU and said that he wanted to go there!!!! haha he was going out of town but he is going to keep in touch with us! It was a huge miracle that he just saw the Book of Mormon that we were carrying and then waited outside haha we were both blown away!! So that could turn into a really golden investigator he already knew so much about our church haha! I hope everyone has a great week I love you all!


Elder Frei

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