Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello mom! 
Ha the only crazy part of my week this week was hearing about the earthquake! We didn't feel a thing! I was really worried about Elder Ovard I'm glad that he is ok!! I got the email from Benita that you forwarded and sent it to Mike.. i'll give you his email too at the end of this! When are you going on vaction? I can't remember!! One of the Elders I really like is going home on Friday! his name is Elder Bessey he is from Overton!!! I want you to go to his homecoming if you are home!! He knows Uncle Leon too.. he is awesome!! I'm super jealous that the weather is really nice now it's still pretty cold here.. there are a few signs of spring here and there but then it just gets cold again!! I'm so ready for it to be warm again!! Even though the summers are pretty brutal too!! The name of the city I'm in is Beu Pyeong! and I can't believe that transfers are this week either it is insane!! It's already been 7 weeks.. time flies!! and I have no idea what will happen this transfer I kinda think we might stay for one more transfer but you never know anything can happen! Being a trainer is super fun but it's hard sometimes!! I've learned so much this transfer though!! I got the package you sent!! It's awesome!!! I love the stress ball and muscle thing!! and I have to agree you are getting really good at stuffing the packages!!! I missed cadburry eggs! both types! you can send me some more of those! ha I'll think about what else.. Phillipino dried mangos I miss those a ton, ah just send stuff I like :) I can't beleive I'm almost 20!! so weird! this last week was pretty fun! I had a lot of meetings to go to so it was pretty hectic! I had to go to Seoul twice and it is a super far trip!! haha but it was really fun!! this transfer has been hard because we've opened this area but I'm finally getting to know the ward really good and were getting some good investigators, things are starting to pick up! I'm really excited for next transfer I just hope I don't get transfered!! I tried to think of what I wanted sent but I can't really think of anything else right now!!! I love you!! Hope everyone has a great week!! Today we are just going to a bath house and relaxing since we find out what will happen next transfer tonight!!!
Elder Frei

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