Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kristy is moving back here? That is crazy you will have to tell her to come find me! Haha I can't believe Lauren and Tai's wedding happened already, that's way sweet though I'm happy for them!!! I love those two! Tell them congrats for me! I want to see a pic of the razor! It still is not warming up here at all yet! I'm sick of cold I'm a Santa Clara boy! I really can't wait until summer!! and it's really weird to think that it will be my last summer in Korea! SO WIERD I can't believe Hurst has left too that is crazy!! he will be in the penes in no time!! we had a pretty average week this week!! the weather was really bad so we didn't get to go hiking!! I was super mad haha but were suppose to be making it up sometime soon! splits were super fun, I love Elder Hafen we will be friends for sure when I get home! He goes home at the end of April but he promised me he will come visit you with Christensen! He has family that lives in St. George so he said he will be down there within a month of when he gets home! Ha we are going on splits again on Tuesday because we both have to go to leadership training in Seoul! That should be really good! We have a way busy week! And then transfers are next week! Crazy. We are meeting a new family on Tuesday as well so I am super excited for that!!! I'll get mail tomorrow so hopefully that other package came by now!!! We’re going to Seoul today so I kinda have to email fast!! But even though the work has been moving slow this transfer the time has flown by and I have learned so much!! I read a scripture a few days ago that helped me realize how important all the people I teach are and how much I should care about them! I'll have to tell you the reference later I think it's in Alma 13 though!! Well I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all! I miss you and love you!

Love,Elder Frei

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