Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Typhoon Kompasu strikes Seoul

Family! This past week was awesome!!! So many awesome things happened!!! Ha I was in a typhoon Wednesday morning! It was insane there were like 60mph winds! The city got wrecked! A tree in front of my house is about to fall from it! And if it does it will fall right on top of our house!! Haha this past week we had two of your investigators tell us that they would get baptized when they knew it was true!! We had some very good lessons with them. They were amazing! I want to know everything that is going on back at home! I only got emails from Hayley and Grandma Winn this week! What's up with that?? Did you get all the pictures I, attached with that last email? When you send me a package will you put some pictures of me playing basketball and football in them? Or just interesting pictures.. All of our investigators love to see pictures of us so I, think those would be sweet to have! Ha today were going to get jerseys made for chu-suk day! That's like thanksgiving in Korea but way bigger! It's on the 22nd I think or the 23rd.. so that week my p-day is on Wednesday! but anyways we are having a big soccer tournament and we can get jerseys made for 20$! It's like legit jerseys that the famous soccer teams wear with shorts socks and names on the back of them Haha! I'm excited! Korea is sweet! Dad's birthday is coming up! That's crazy! time goes by so fast out here I can't even believe it! I love it though. So much!!! A few days ago we stopped this guy and started talking to him and he went off on us and we started bible bashing with him! ha he said we didn't know the bible and he asked Elder Christensen how many times he had read the New Testament! He said like 5!! the man said then read it 10!! He said read this once!!! And held up the Book of Mormon! He said OK! And snatched it out of his hand it was so funny! And then he was super nice to us ha Koreans are super funny like that! They'll be so mad but then it just doesn't matter! ha! the last 3 days we had someone stay at our house with us! his name is elder 정 (jung) he left for the MTC today!! Haha it was a pretty cool experience to get to know him and he's going to the MTC so I know most of the people he will meet! I had him take some letters to my teachers and a couple of elders with him so that should be pretty sweet!!

Well, keep me updated on football!! I'm missing out! Mom, you better not miss another week!


Elder Frei

I am not sure what happened last week but my email did not get to him, and I did not get his second email with pictures. :(
Here is an article from the Korean Times about Typhoon Kompasu.
Typhoon batters Seoul, west coast areas

Typhoon Kompasu struck central South Korea early Thursday morning, bringing downpours and gusts that paralyzed metro operations in Seoul and adjacent areas.

With almost all above-ground sections of Seoul's subway lines out of service, street trees toppled and winds blowing at a speed of over 20 meters per second, commuters and students were forced to undergo the worst transportation chaos in decades.

The typhoon caused power outages along the west coast and forced airlines to cancel or divert domestic and international flights.

Kompasu is the strongest tropical storm to hit Seoul in 15 years.

The seventh typhoon of the year reached Ganghwa Island on the west coast at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour as of 6:35 a.m., according to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA).

The KMA issued typhoon warnings for Seoul, Gyeonggi Province and South Chungcheong Province, forecasting the tropical storm is expected to move to the East Sea Thursday afternoon.

Best Zone In Korea
Elder Christensen, Chase's companion. Behind them you can see the pouring rain.
The falling tree.

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