Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey mom!! I forgot to tell you it was korean new year!! our pday got switched. It was kinda like a 2day vacation from missionary work. This past week has been amazing. It was new years here in Seoul (on the Lunar Calendar) it is one of the biggest holidays in Korea! the whole town shuts down for about 3 days! especially the 2nd day, everything is closed. It kinda reminded me of a huge ghost town! ha it was so quiet compared to the normal busy busy lives the Koreans live.

Last week we had an awesome week! we have a couple of really good investigators that are coming to church and liking it! We have a few families lined up to teach this week as well which is pretty rare! so we are really excited to teach them and meet them this week! We went to a members house last week to eat dinner with them and that was really fun, the dad was super funny I like him alot! he kept telling me I looked like a movie star and then when it was time for us to leave we knelt to say a prayer and he was like "the good looking elder has to say the prayer" and pointed at me. It was really funny!!! we got fed by our bishop once too and he invited a lot of people over, like half the ward! You'll never guess what happened, one of my teachers from the MTC showed up there!! it was so sweet. he served in this area! (it used to be the AP area back when there were two missions in seoul!! yesterday we had our conference and it was great. It was really good to get to see everyone and the trainings we got were awesome. afterwards, we went and ate with the member and her boyfriend that is getting baptized from Yeong Deong Po!! then, we went hiking with them! it was soooo good to see them, and I was so happy to hear that he decided to get baptized!! (he said he would when I taught him he just hadn't set a date yet) so that was an amazing day. I love that family! well we have to go to district meeting! i have alot of pictures but I will have to send them next week! I love you all.

Elder Frei

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