Monday, April 23, 2012

Did you get the pics i sent you?? ah I have to go soon I probably won't get to tell you about our week! ha highlights: one of our investigators took a ton of pictures of us when the cherry blossoms were out, he is making a photo album for me before I go home ha he loves me. he is awesome!!!! We gave a training about learning Korean on wednesday, it was really good. Everyone loved it! We're getting a new bishop this next week in our ward! I'm almost positive it's going to be our ward mission leader, because he is awesome.. oh ya his family invited us to come visit them when we are in Korea so were going to for sure they are so awesome! they just got back from America like 4 months ago so they're good at english too!! hmmm I've been planning out the trip a little more in detail and it's coming together good! I have some new ideas and stuff I want to do so it's going to be good!! is the dmz all planned out? sorry I didn't tell you too much about the week, it rained the past two days, one of our investigators said he would get baptized when he knows the church is true, that is good! we have temple day tomorrow and interviews with president on thursday! I'm excited:) we helped a member move! then he took us to eat lunch! we ate duck! and I mean the whole duck!! ha they make this weird soup and you can like chew up the bones it's super good! 

I love you! have a great week!! 

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