Sunday, March 18, 2012

Plate of raw horse organs!

Yes, that is an intestine!

Stake President and family.

The Seong Pa house.

Hey everyone! 

How is it going back in America? It's been a while since I've had enough time to write a long email! So I hope your ready for it!!! I'll start with the highlights of the week! An investigator that I taught in my last area got baptized on saturday!! He is the one that had a really big problem with smoking, but now he has completely quit! The power of the atonement is seriously so amazing. I haven't seen him but everyone I've talked to about him said his countenance has completely changed. The power this gospel has to make changes in peoples lives is so incredible. I've gained such a strong testimony that it truly can change anyone that will have the faith to let Christ into their lives! Speaking of miracles, we found a new investigator this past saturday! and, he wants to quit smoking and drinking so bad. When we met him we were both just like "hmm I think we can help you with that" then we both bore our testimony of how the gospel has changed us, and how it will change him too! it was sweet!! hmm, I got my birthday package from my mom! and it was the best package ever! Thanks for the fudge and nuts Grandma! I'll keep your tupperware safe don't worry :) it all got eaten in one day! Everyone that lives in the house is always so excited whenever I get a package that has something from you in it! Ha nothing lasts long! so thanks :) I love you!! I went on splits twice this week! once in Suji with Elder Brid, and once in my area Seongpa with Elder Noe. It was fun! It was the first time I had left the area since I've been here, it was a really interesting day!! On thursday we had a specialized training meeting for all the leaders in the mission, it was really good! we got trained on how to use the scriptures more effectively. I feel like I use them pretty good though! :) Also, we met are investigator Ju Hwan this week, He is so prepared to accept the gospel it's unbelievable! haha we asked him if he had been reading the Book of Mormon and he apoligized to us, then said "I'm so sorry, I've only been reading for 10-15 minutes everyday" ha we were both like what? your sorry?? that's awesome!!! he said "no it's not, I have to read this book about 100 times so when I go to America on a mission I know right where to turn in it to teach people" haha that put a huge smile on my face then I looked over at Elder Poulsen and he was just laughing, he couldn't believe it! it was soo amazing!!! on the week we found 3 new investigators and were meeting two more today!! so the work is going pretty good in our area! We're seeing a lot of miracles!!!! yesterday we had stake priesthood meeting, that is with the stake president and the mission president counselor, we had to go to Suji which is about 1 1/2 hours from our area! We got there and the stake president told us to get in his car and he took us to his house!! ha the best part about it was that right before we got there he said elders, do you know that we are in the Dajeon mission right now? haha we didn't know, and were not aloud to leave our mission without permission!! so we broke the mission rules with our stake president and presidents Lee's first counselor hahaha.. but we had a really fun night it was a good experience! and we only do that meeting every other month, so it was my last one of those! crazy. But it was a good one to go out on! Ha so also this week, on wednesday, we went out to eat dinner. and you would never guess what we ate!! HORSE. Yes I ate horse! It was pretty good actually, I would eat it again! but, this is where the story gets good! we were about halfway done and the waitress brought out a plate full of food, we asked her what it was, she said its RAW BRAIN LIVER KIDNEY AND INTESTINE ha so we all ate it!!! that was the first time I have ever eaten a brain that is for sure haha it was a fun experience! I love you all Thank you so much for your support and making it possible for me to serve the Lord! We are so lucky to have this perfect gospel in our lives. I love it so much! 

Elder Frei

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