Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kimchi ooooh yum

Chase's sister, Hayley, has a friend who served her mission in Seoul. Her name is Kristy and she is awesome! She came over last night to tell us a little bit about Korea. She brought some Korean cuisine for the fam to try including Kimchi, dried seaweed, and some sweets. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of trying Kimchi - it's fermented cabbage in a weird hot sauce. Chase put on a brave face, but the rest of the fam spit it out and drank whatever was in reach. Kristy said that all the missionaries lose like 20 pounds their first few months out because the food is so hard to get used to, but now she looooves it. It wasn't as bad as any of us were expecting - but I definitely wouldn't cook it, or buy it, or eat it again ;). Kristy also brought us lots of pictures and taught us how to use chopsticks and told us all about the weird cultural things Koreans do (like you have to shake hands with both hands in sight, no crossing your legs or arms during church, and no motioning for someone to come to you with your palm up). She told mom about things to buy, what to send, and the best way to manage money. She even brought flashcards of the alphabet for Chase to learn (in the MTC on your first day they put up the alphabet and tell you to have it learned by the next day). Kristy Hunt, the Frei family loves you. She really put us all in a better frame of mind for that day that is coming up WAY TOO FAST!! So, enjoy Chase's reaction to his first taste of Kimchi :D

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